Friday, September 01, 2006

Mourning doves

Yesterday was the third time in as many weeks I've seen a mourning dove in Manhattan. Twice I saw one walking on the scaffolding outide my window in midtown, and once in on a sidewalk in the east village. I can't think of the last time before that I've seen a mourning dove around here. I wonder if the NYC population is growing, or if these were just isolated sightings. Perhaps this is the time of year the mourning dove migrates through, though I assumed that mourning doves do not migrate, like pigeons.

I will certainly have to investigate this.


Anonymous said...

We have Mourning Doves here in Utah. I happen to be watching them in my garden just moments ago. They are definitely very beautiful birds.


Anonymous said...

I just happened to be looking out at the backyard in queens and there are two very lovely Mourning Doves hanging around with a Red Cardinals. I guess the Mourning Doves are here in the city