Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Condor dreams

I can't stop thinking about those possible California condors. I really, really want to believe that I saw one. There was one point when we were driving around the winding cliffside roads, and we came around a turn and almost ran into a group of birders looking through binouclars at a large bird which was hovering only about 50 feet above the road. Whether the group was looking at the bird just because it was low-flying, or because they knew it was a condor for sure, I wish I knew. I think that bird was the best candiate for possible condor I saw.

There was also a point where we saw 3 birds all at once, and one landed on a rooftop on the cliff. I was watching this bird on the roof lumber around, and after a minute, it hopped down onto a lower perch. It was hard to guess the scale and so I couldn't really say how big the bird was, but the way it jumped made me think it was a very large creature.

I just want to be able to brag that I really saw one.

Last night I dreamt that I had uncovered fossil evidence of a condor ancestor that was identical to fossils found more easterly. I then planned on finiding a condor fossil in the Eastern U.S. that would prove my theory that condors have lived in the east in the past. But somehow, someone else took the credit for my fossil findings. I think this part of the dream was directly related to watching the Whoopi Goldberg movie "The Associate" where she invents a male business partner to attract clients, and then they give all the credit to the ficticious partner. If only I could have dreams of "Made in America".

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a bum bag is just a fanny pack said...

i had a dream that the spirit of a dead condor spoke to me and asked me to help expose his fiendish business partner who was making the moves on my one true love.