Thursday, April 12, 2007

Van Cortland Park

I've been meaning to go to Van Cortland Park in the Bronx for a while, and when I finally did, it was even better than I expected. I didn't see a single person the entire time; it's a real wilderness. Perhaps a little scary. TONS of used condoms and drug baggies in the parts closer to the entrance. I have a feeling it's a pretty cool late night party scene, right?


Mallard Duck
Red Tailed Hawk (70% sure)
Downy Woodpecker
Red Bellied Woodpecker
Blue Jay
Rusty Blackbird
American Robin
Dark Eyed Junco
Tufted Titmouse - my new favorite lil guy
Field Sparrow

Tufted Titmouse

Intrepid birding:

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Larry said...

-Looks like he's dowsing for oil or water.