Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Scott's Oriole

I got an email from the Metro Birding Briefs that a Scott's Oriole has been around Union Square park all month, but only a few people have noticed and it wasn't reported until today. This is a southwestern US bird, and its range is Utah down to into Mexico; this could possibly be a first for NY state!

The report came from Ardith Bondi, who posted some beautiful photos on her website.

Ardith's photo:

I hope to be able to get there to check it out tomorrow!


Ben C. said...
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Ben C. said...


The bird was there this morning (Thu. 24-Jan). I left the site at 9a after it visited a roof for a drink or to bathe. Many birders were already there and I expect the birding crowd to grow some more.

Good luck if you go!


Katie said...


We must've been there at the same time! I showed up just as it had flown away around 9am, but a few minutes later it returned and I got to see it before I had to go to work.