Monday, November 13, 2006

Reunion Petrel

I've been looking into some information on shearwaters and petrels on the internet. I've never seen either of these kinds of birds; I think they tend to stay farther out to sea, so they are harder to spot.

I'm getting a little stuck on finding out information about one species, the reunion petrel. I can't actually seem to find out if it's extinct or just endangered. I found one site that listed several species of endangered petrels, and it listed the reunion petrel as having only 3 specimens left. Suspiciously, it listed several other species as having less than 10 existing birds. Then I found it listed on some lists of extinct birds.

Further research is required on this. I think I am getting some bad information from dubious sources.


Michael said...

Hi Katie,

the best site for serious information on endangered birds is - there you can enter the data zone with scientific information on thousands of rare birds. The Reunion Petrel, also known as Mascarene Black Petrel (Pseudobulweria aterrima)is listed as critically endangered with a population estimate between 90 - 800 individuals. Hope this helps.

Greetings from Vienna,


Anonymous said...

I live in Reunion Island.
The petrel still exist over here. There's an association taking care of them, to try make them last longer on the earth.
Last night i was walking on the beach i bumped into one. it didn't fly, I took it home with me, cause it was late. I will conctact the association today to hand it in. I try to make some video of it. will post on youtube.
it's a very pacific and beautiful bird.
I will do my best to save it.

greetings from Reunion